[pause] for a cuppa – Special Update


This Sunday 10th August we’ll be pausing for a cuppa.  This is an open time to drop in for a cuppa and a chat.  We usually ask that everyone bring something along for afternoon tea to share, but this Sunday we’re asking you to bring along something a little bit different.

We have decided to get behind the ‘Homeless Help Pack Challenge’ .  This involves putting together a pack of some basic items that are useful to those living on the streets.  They can be new or in good second hand condition.

Below is the list of items, please bring along as many items from this list as you can rustle up when we gather on Sunday and with our powers combined we’ll put together as many packs as we can.  If you can’t be there on Sunday but would like to contribute some items then you can drop them off at the Powell’s anytime between now and Friday the 15th August.

What you need for a full pack:

1 x backpack (needs to be big enough to fit everything below)
1 X beanie
1 X scarf
1 x gloves
2 x socks
1 X emergency blanket (you can get them from most camping equipment stores also at the warehouse)
1 x toothbrush
1 x toothpaste
1 x deodorant
1 x soap bar
1 x wet wipes (small packet)
1 x razor
1 x comb 
1 x hand sanitiser
1 x small jar peanut butter/marmite etc.
2 x small cans of tuna/chicken etc.
1 x packet of  crackers
1 x packet of fruit cups (small tubs of fruit in juice)
1 x small can/jar of apple sauce
2 x breakfast bars / muesli bars
2 x small juice boxes 
2 x small bottles of water
2 x plastic spoons
1 x toilet paper roll 

As the organiser acknowledges, responding to this challenge doesn’t speak to the underlying causes of homelessness, but it does allow us to extend kindness and a human touch to those in our city who are living and sleeping rough.

Lets do this thing.