Advent 2: Peace

The season of Advent has been celebrated by Christians for centuries as a time of excitement and anticipation for the birth of Christ.  It is also a time when we celebrate and look toward the coming of the Kingdom of God. One of the traditions we use to do this is the lighting of Advent candles. The four candles of Advent (Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace) represent different values which characterise what the world could look like if Jesus reign was present in every area of life.  Each week a new candle is lit to represent the way in which that value is now present through Christ’s life on earth, to recognize our part in enacting that value in the way in which we live, and to anticipate its coming and completion when the Kingdom of God is finally realized on earth.

Today, as we continue our Advent journey, we light the candle of Peace.

As we light it we celebrate the peace that entered into the world in the form of a fragile, crying human child; a peace born of disquiet to bring wholeness, healing and reconciliation to all.

As we light the candle of peace we recognize Jesus’ call to us as disciples to be mediators of that peace in our world as we choose to live ‘as in the day’.

As we light the candle of peace we anticipate the time when the kingdom of God will be experienced in all its fullness and peace will truly reign on earth.

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